Graham Russell

Graham Russell
Managing Director

Obviously no wants to have to leave their home or lose their independence. Residential Aged Care is a necessary service and in nearly all cases, the last stage of our lives. It is a place no one wants to go until absolutely required, usually resulting from an exhausted partner who can not continue to provide the care alone, or after a traumatic event and hospital staff have advised that it is a necessity. With the existing challenges of an ageing population, stretched government funding and more isolated communities the use of newly developed technology can assist and extend peoples independence to now effectively Age in Place.

Graham Russell is the Managing Director HSC Technology Group, a health technology company specialising in Ageing in Place, and delivering technology solutions that provide independence for the elderly. Graham is incredibly passionate about helping our older generation stay independent, and pioneering the adoption of seamless technology solutions to help families, care providers and the elderly.

Graham has been instrumental in developing, localising and commercialising the Essence Care@home solution for APAC, this cost effective, scalable solution provides Artificial Intelligence technology to detect health deterioration, fall alerts and provide early intervention. Graham is currently working with numerous National Aged Care providers, Government, Utility and Telecommunication companies throughout APAC to transform their clients lives, connect with their families and provide operational efficiencies and financial returns to all involved.

Before devoting his time to HSC Technology Group, he was the CEO of the Ambush Group a national Systems Integration business where he started on the tools as an Electronics Technician installing and integrating solutions like – Nurse Call, CCTV, Access Control, Security, WiFi, Internet, Fibre solutions etc for Hospitals, Residential Aged Care, Councils, Financial and Government facilities. It was from this work on the front line working with Nurses, Management and Families he knew there had to be a better way, and started the journey to understand how we can prolong people’s independence through technology.