HSC Care is an enhanced telecare services platform providing an ageing-in-place product suite that offers a seamless health monitoring experience. Utilising Artificial Intelligence, HSC Care identifies an average routine in about four weeks from installation and provides valuable insights to carers or loved ones via the smart app.

A series of strategically placed sensors and devices collect and provide the core data to TALIUS, an Artificial Intelligence data analytics platform powered by CSIRO’s Activities of Daily Living algorithm.

These sensors capture data including motion, light, temperature, humidity, vibration and power usage throughout a residence to build an understanding of an individual’s daily routine and detect deviations that may indicate decline in health, illness or injury.

These sensor technologies are industry leading, low cost, wireless, certified, feature rich and provide:

  • Emergency response

    Emergency response
    24-hour Emergency Response Services as required

  • Communication and telehealth

    Communication and telehealth
    Enables easy communication with seniors and families

  • Safety and security

    Safety and security
    Improves safety and security as seniors age

  • Vital signs

    Vital signs
    Provides accurate health information to carers

  • RTLS Geo spatial / Location systems

    RTLS Geo spatial / Location systems
    Provides accurate data on where someone is