HSC Home
  • Security, safety and smart home solutions

    Security, safety and smart home solutions Right side

    HSC Home delivers a complete connected-home experience that can be managed anywhere, anytime, in real time, and on any screen. With a comprehensive product range, the HSC Home solution offers a wide range of applications for smart home automation, seniors ageing in place and assistive technology for people with disabilities.

    Security, safety and smart home solutions

  • Home automation

    Home automation

    The HSC Home platform enables people to independently manage their home environment with ease. The advanced system is managed by a smart hub that connects to the mobile app and controls up to 98 devices, including a range of security and safety devices and sensors that leverage IoT technologies to deliver a complete connected-home automation experience.

    Consumers are able to control their home from any device and create scenarios that trigger multiple actions including lighting, music, and automation such as garden watering and air conditioning.

  • Ageing in place

    Ageing in place

    With an ageing-in-place product suite, HSC Home offers a seamless health monitoring experience that gives seniors their independence to age at home and family members their peace of mind. Utilising Artificial Intelligence, carers and loved ones are provided with valuable insights via the smart app including advanced falls detection and voice-activated alerts.

    This enables seniors to age in place with dignity and confidence yet, remain connected to family and professional care if needed.

  • People with disabilities

    People with disabilities

    Assistive Technology for people with disabilities is life changing and allows them to perform tasks that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

    Our HSC Home solution is designed for NDIS service providers and is low cost, wireless, certified and feature rich. Assistive Technology is already applied in daily life in the form of voice-activated devices, smart phones and remote controls to allow tasks to be performed with ease.

    For people with physical or cognitive impairments, Assistive Technology can make a significant impact by:

    • Assisting people to communicate and learn
    • Enabling people to participate in work and/or social environments
    • Helping people to achieve independence and improve their quality of life