HSC Technology Group is pleased to announce it is partnering with multinational Johnson Controls’ ADT Security business to supply next generation assistive technology solutions to their Australian client base.

Johnson Controls offers the world’s largest portfolio of building products, technologies, software and services. The ADT brand is synonymous globally as a security and safety company providing ongoing reliable, quality service and innovative products to all clients.

ADT recognised the need to replace their Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) platform, which is built on ageing 3G communications technology. After a comprehensive due diligence process, ADT selected HSC and its solution based on the advanced suite of hardware and the TALIUS IoT platform. The HSC solution will enable future sales opportunities for ADT to its extensive client base while significantly improving the clients’ safety and independence.

Managing Director of HSC Technology Group, Graham Russell, said the shutdown of the 3G mobile telecommunications network was a significant change event for the PERS market.

“We are honoured to be selected as the partner of choice to be working with ADT Security and Johnson Controls, who are one of the biggest and most successful service companies in the world.

We look forward to implementing our shared vision of supporting the needs of elderly Australians with market-leading assistive technology solutions,” he said.

“HSC’s next generation solution is future-proofing the ADT investment in PERS, by leveraging 4G and also providing a range of solutions to enable extended services to support changing client requirements.

“These add-on solutions include voice activated alerts, fall detection radars, sleep and vital sign sensors – all of these plug-and-play devices are already integrated into the HSC platform.”

Ms Jessica Monk, Head of Marketing, ADT Asia Pacific, said “ADT is excited to be providing this next generation assistive technology to the seniors market, and providing our customers with a solution that will allow them to improve their safety and independence while providing peace of mind to the family”.

Mr Yuri Starostin, Project Manager, Johnson Controls, said their project team took the opportunity with the impending 3G network shutdown to conduct a global search for the best solution to meet the challenges of our elderly clients and their desire to stay at home as long as possible.

“The HSC solution gives us the flexibility to provide a platform to our clients to meet their immediate needs of an emergency response system but also grow with their needs and extra features and safety measures to allow them to “Age in Place” with the protection and comfort that ADT Security can respond 24x7x365,” he said.

The intent of the partnership is to increase personal safety to new and existing ADT clients and future customers in the retirement living sector, independent living, community care sectors and those choosing to age-in-place. The roll out will commence immediately with the receipt of the first purchase order for 1,400 units, with stock ramping up thereafter.