Board of Directors

Graham Russell

Graham Russell

Managing Director

Mr. Russell has over 25 year’s experience in Systems Integration and Sensor technology solutions across all verticals of Healthcare, Utilities, Mining and Government.

Leylan Neep

Leylan Neep


Mr Neep is a highly experienced Director and Chief Financial Officer who brings a wealth of market knowledge to his current role at HSC Technology Group.

Ramsay Carter

Ramsay Carter

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Carter brings over 20 years’ experience in global investment banking holding senior positions in Australia, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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HSC Purpose, Vision and Mission

“Our purpose is to improve quality of life, later in life”

At HSC we believe:

  • Meaningful revolutions starts with safe evolutions
  • Data should be used to ensure dignity
  • Technology is best when combined with human intelligence and the human touch
  • The best care is informed care
  • Teamwork is considered essential to the Company’s success
  • Our purpose is to drive innovation to enable improvement to the lives of the people using our products and technology
  • Honesty, Integrity, Ethics, Morals and Hard Work are integral to who we are and we strive to deliver superior results for our customers, shareholders and the communities that we touch.

Corporate Governance

For the benefit of investors and the community, HSC Technology Group Ltd (the Company) and the Board of Directors (the Board) are committed to achieving and demonstrating the highest standards of corporate governance. The Company’s annual Corporate Governance Statement outlines the principal governance practices in place throughout the financial year, which comply with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s principles and recommendations unless otherwise stated. For further information on the corporate governance policies adopted by the Company, please refer to the documents below.