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The TALIUS Smart Care Platform™

The next generation of Aged Care technology.

Talius™ works by collecting data from sensors placed in the home or on the person of residents and using advanced predictive interpretation to automatically detect anomalies and complete proportional actions. This can be anything from automatically alerting emergency services in the event of reduced heartbeat, to alerting carers if a resident has remained in the bathroom for too long.

All data is presented in simple, customisable and easy to access dashboards, able to be individualised for family members, carers or executives. This helps businesses make data-informed decisions, such as maximising staff efficiency, while offering complete compliance and reporting coverage. It also helps residents by giving care teams complete overview of their personal schedules to make more informed and dignified data-informed care plans.

Talius is the technological heart of your operations that will move you away from the risks, waste and cost of spot-check care towards data-informed, smart, event-response care.

Some of the world’s biggest and most progressive providers rely on Talius™ by HSC Technology to improve their operations and solve the Big 5 Challenges:

Commercial Viability

  • Retaining clients
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Developing recurring revenue streams

Resident Autonomy

  • Resolving spot-check issues
  • Data-informed management
  • Creating dignified environments
  • Changing negative industry perceptions

Better Compliance

  • Risk mitigation
  • Royal Commission preparation
  • Protection against legal action
  • Securing resident data and privacy

Family Comms

  • Sending the right info
  • Providing peace of mind
  • Identifying promoters
  • Alleviating family stress

Staff Engagement

  • Maximising staff utilisation
  • Removing unnecessary repetition
  • Reducing churn
HSC Customers

Talius will give you a competitive advantage

You get a platform for the future

Helping you make care, staffing and business decisions in a way that’s scalable

You go beyond simple alerts

Processing real-time data, immediately triaging and connecting with the most appropriate action

You get a competitive technology advantage

Our solution includes imported HSC components you can’t get anywhere else

You get care that’s commercial

Talius can become a recurring revenue generator without requiring any capital expenditure

You reduce the need for disruptive spot checks

Letting your care team focus on building meaningful connections with residents