TALIUS is the next generation of Aged Care technology.

Powered by CSIRO’s Activities of Daily Living algorithm, the TALIUS platform is based on machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to constantly learn and adapt to the daily behaviour of individuals and provide alerts with different severity levels based on deviations from their daily routine.

These early insights allow for better decision-making by care providers and families, enable more focused service, minimise unnecessary care and facilitate proactive care in a responsive manner.

From smart fall alert devices that ensure seniors receive rapid assistance to diagnosing potential illnesses early, TALIUS provides the data to improve recovery time and reduce the need for hospitalisation meaning lower operational costs for service providers.

TALIUS offers benefits including:

  • Personalised and proactive care in seniors’ homes, retirement villages and nursing homes
  • Seamless monitoring with a range of devices that track a resident’s behaviour
  • Monitoring apps with smart alerts for family members and care providers
  • 24-hour Emergency Response Services as required
  • Constantly monitoring activities of daily living
  • Scalable and cost effective
  • Enhanced with security and safety application
  • Emergency response

    Emergency response

  • Communication and telehealth

    Communication and telehealth

  • Safety and security

    Safety and security

  • Vital signs

    Vital signs

  • RTLS Geo spatial / Location systems

    RTLS Geo spatial / Location systems