Upgrade Your Medical Alarms to 4G Now With No Up-Front Costs

It’s getting bloody serious. Telstra has already started closing down the 3G network, yet 300,000 Personal Medical Alarms, used by the elderly, still rely on it.

At HSC we’ve made addressing the 3G shutdown easy with our no-capital expenditure upgrades to next generation 4G Medical Alarm technology.

Get in touch with us for an obligation free check to see if you qualify. You can call us directly on 1300 711 979, or email us at sales@hsctg.com.au.

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Essence Care@Home —The Solution for the 3G Shutdown…

and Whatever Comes Next

At HSC Technology Group, we have made addressing the 3G shutdown and future proofing your medical alarm devices as simple as possible, offering no-capital expenditure upgrades to next generation 4G Medical Alarm technology.


  • We can replace your entire village or villages solutions with the next generation of 4G devices backed by the Talius smart care platform
  • We will come and do a scope analysis of your site to determine your specific needs 
  • We provide a obligation-free proposal with no upfront costs

5 Features Future Medical Alarms (PERS) Devices Must Have to Keep Your Clients Safe

Always-on Intelligent Voice Activation™ technology that is accessible from anywhere in the home

Vital signs telecare to ensures personal safety even while your client is sleeping

A range of stylish pendants ensures clients are always comfortable wearing them

Daily living monitoring builds a profile of regular activity so any potentially dangerous anomalies are identified and alerted

Intelligent fall detection and safety technology, including fire and leak detection, to help you react to incidents in real time

Essence Care@Home is Powered by the TALIUS Smart Care Platform

The Talius Smart Care Platform is the next generation of Smart Care technology and will be the technological heart of future operations — a technologically agnostic platform that unites all devices and technology in one place, giving you the control and visibility required to improve all aspects of your business in a way that’s scalable and adaptable.

Rather than simply upgrading your existing 3G systems to 4G equivalents, take this opportunity to future-proof your operation with a better, more advanced care alternative.

Turn the Telstra 3G Shutdown Into a Competitive Advantage

Get a platform for the future — helping you make care, staffing and business decisions in a way that’s scalable

Go beyond simple alerts — processing real-time data, immediately triaging and connecting with the most appropriate action

Get care that’s commercial — Talius can become a recurring revenue generator without requiring any capital expenditure

Get a competitive technology advantage — our solution includes imported HSC components you can’t get anywhere else

Get HSC to solve your 3G problem for good. Leave your details below and then breathe a huge sigh of relief – we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Or you can contact us directly on 1300 711 979 or email sales@hsctg.com.au to upgrade to the Talius Smart Care Platform today.

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