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HSC’s next generation technology offering is a future-proof solution that collects data from a range of sensors to create alerts for care providers, family members and nurses – proactive, personalised and effective.

24/7 Emergency Response

Geospatial Intelligence






Smart Home


Internet of Things Sensors

Next generation Artificial Intelligence


Visual dashboard displays comprehensive and accurate information to carers and care providers.

Messaging engine

Communications are integrated with Innovative cloud technology engine.

AI engine

Next Generation Artificial Intelligence analyses large amounts of data to provide proactive insights

Rules engine

Customised rules platform allowing comprehensive automation triggers.  

How Talius works

Strategic installation

HSC install a range of non-invasive sensors and tracking technologies.

Artificial intelligence

TALIUS learns and establishes an understanding of an individual’s routine and mobility.

Alerts and insights

TALIUS provides proactive and personalised medical alerts for care teams.

Voice emergency device

Wireless, smart emergency response device providing an additional layer of care enabling residents to call, pull or push the button for help and allow for two-way conversation.

Smoke detector

Wireless, integrated smoke detector featuring photoelectric detection technology and automatic over-the-air software programming.

Door and window sensor

Indoor, wireless magnetic multi-sensor that can be installed on doors and windows. Features intruder alert via ‘open door’ alarm and notification, dual LEDs for detector status and a compact design.

Central communications system

The monitoring base station is the central communication gateway that features an emergency call button, high-quality voice activation and two-way audio capability.

Water Leak detector

Wireless device that detects the early warning signs for developing floods or water leaks. Can be installed in high-risk areas such as near washing machines, sinks and air conditioners.

Infra-Red motion detector

Advanced wireless motion detector featuring a multi-zone spherical lens for exception detection coverage.

HSC Home

Comprehensive security, safety and smart home solutions utilising the WeR@Home product range to deliver a complete connected-home experience that can be managed anywhere, anytime, in real time, and on any screen.

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HSC’s proprietary next generation IoT Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence software providing smart analytics to deliver decision making insights through sensor gathered data and an integrated messaging communication platform

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HSC Care

Telehealth and smart care solutions for medical and aged care environments including Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) utilising our exclusive world-leading brands including Essence, uVue Telehealth and CardiacSense.

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Way of the future

With medical-grade wearables, tracking technology and monitoring devices all linked through Internet of Things (IoT) networks, HSC Technology Group is changing the way healthcare is delivered and creating safer environments. HSC’s Assistive Technology suite is designed to enable personalised and proactive care which increases staff productivity, reduces costs and can minimise unnecessary adverse medical situations.

Continuous Monitoring


Privacy Protected


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